Tuesday, April 24, 2007

WOM Spring Fling

Here I am today at Madison County Library using their computer. The library has DSL (I have dial up at home) and so is much faster to upload these pictures to Picasa.
Sherry and I decorated this table for WOM (Women on Mission) Spring Fling. Sherry grew the Irises in her garden. They were absolutely the most beautiful Irises I have ever seen. (I brought them home after the banquet).
You can click on WOM Spring Fling under My Pictures on the sidebar to view all the pictures. They are not very good pictures this time. They are all very dark. Each table was decorated differently, different theme, etc. There was "an evening in Paris", memories, beach, cowboy, snuggly bears, spring garden, and others. We had dinner, entertainment (songs) and two testimonies. It was a very nice evening.


MOLLY said...

Jerri--your blog is looking so great--you will have to teach all of us--how about a workshop?

Rhonda said...

Jerri...I love the idea of going to the library to use their DSL. You are so clever!

swooze said...

You are another Wacky that hasn't joined my webring stashbuster yet! So what's taking you so long?? LOL

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