Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Quilting Friends Retreat

The three of us (Kathy, Kathleen and Jerri; known as the Brat Pak) at Quilting Friends Retreat at Compass Centre in Mt. Calm. Wow, what fun. We laughed, sewed and ate. If you haven't been to Compass Centre you should make plans to do so. The food is wonderful! Melissa is a wonderful hostess, just SEW accommodating.
The quilt in the background is mine. At least the blocks are -- haven't put it together yet. I worked mostly on swap blocks for the WackyPac. Kathy and Kathleen had their laptops and communicated with the WackyPac members that were not there.
I hope to get all the pictures uploaded today. I was excited to get pictures of Shirley as she usually manages to elude the cameras. Monica and Kathy were crazy. Kathy was on such a high Saturday night that I thought we were going to have to give her some Prozac. LOL
Still haven't made an album of my quilts. Gotta get pictures of them. Going to Bryan tomorrow, to bridge in Sugarland on Thursday, decorate a table for WOM Spring Fling on Monday night. Maybe one day next week I will find a day to take the pictures.


Rhonda said...

It sounds like you guys had fun. Thanks for taking care of Monica. I love that girl!

MOLLY said...

Such a great pic of the "Brats". I thought you guys would enjoy a "the way we were" retreat. I know you had a blast and I missed every minute of it. Oh well, next time.