Saturday, April 21, 2007

Bridge in April

Just back yesterday evening from Sugarland. I was hostess at our monthly bridge club although we had it at Ellie's house. They tried to come to Leona before but then had to cancel because two of them couldn't come and I have NO substitues here. I served 'make your own' taco salad like Melissa serves at Compass Centre. They really liked it. Store bought cake for dessert since I was in Bryan all day Wednesday at doctor's.
We spent the night at Doug's and enjoyed our grandkids. Since Katie (2-1/2 yrs old) was born, the family has always endearingly called her Katie "bug". Well, now in day care they are learning their whole names. They asked Katie what her last name was and of course she said "BUG". LOL. She and Emily are just so sweet. Katie always wants to 'go to Grandma's house'.
Today I am resting.

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Rhonda said...

Katy "Bug"... how cute. I sense a future Wacky woman!