Wednesday, May 30, 2007

My Header

Yea!!! This is what I've been trying to do -- scroll in and fade out (in the same color) on my header. I can move on to something else now.

Lots of Stuff Going On

I haven't posted since the first of the month. There's been lots of stuff going on here. Two funerals -- my cousin and my very own Dad. Dad died peacefully in his sleep. He was 83 years old and lived a grand life on his ranch in Jacksonville. I had so much support from all my friends. I love you all so much and thank you for everything.
I bought a new lap top and signed up for Sprint PCS Wireless Network Air Card. It is soooo much faster than my old dial up. A Sprint tower is almost in our back yard. Maybe I can seriously upload and attach pictures now.
My new laptop is running Vista Operating System and some of the old programs are not running properly. My Embroidery VIP System seems O.K. except the 3D View does not work. Everything else seems O.K. I emailed Husqvarna Viking and (like all the other programs), they do not guarantee their software to run under Vista. I worked on my header a little bit more. I made fade in and out text on it but have not gotten the background color correct yet. I edited the HTML and changed the color value on the header background but it still is not correct. Will work on it some more. The GIF Animator that I used also has problems running with Vista so I have to go to the desktop computer that is running Windows 2000 to use this program. Seems most of the programs that we run do NOT yet have an update for Vista Operating System. I am hoping some of these programs will eventually have a free update for Vista.
My Kodak digital camera uses .MOV extension for the videos, which Windows Media Player does not recognize. Wish I had known that when I bought the camera -- bought the camera before the laptop. However, I found a QuickTime Variation on the internet (free) that I downloaded and it will play the .MOV Videos.
I spent a lot of time making movies (from pictures) with Windows Media Player. It is so much fun. You can add music, captions, tons of different effects -- fade in and outs, spins, etc.
Just got to get back to sewing. Finished Kathleen's block and will send it to her as I will not be able to go to WP dinner this month because Emily will be staying with us next week.
More later ..................

Thursday, May 3, 2007

Leon County Relay for Life

Here I am on the 'survivor's walk' at Leon County Relay for Life. Rex and I went to the dinner in the HS cafeteria and then to the football field for the relays and games. LBC had a team and we visited with them for a while. Karen told me this morning that they were rained out around 4:00 am but they walked until then.

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

A "Floor Hug"

This picture is not turned. Emily lays on the floor and Katie lays on top of her for a "floor hug". We stayed with them in Sugarland last weekend and thoroughly enjoyed them. They both were real "Grandma's" girls. They both wanted to sit in Grandma's lap, both wanted "Grandma" to play with them. Poor Grandpa.